Saturday, 28 May 2016

Taylor Swift vs Led Zepplin

The volume wars, it seemed like they might be subsiding, appear to be back with a vengeance.

Take the new hit Bad Blood of Taylor Swift.

No one is going to call Good Times Bad Times a wimpy or ballad melody. However you can hear dynamics, feeling can be heard by you, the outro has Robert Plant singing screaming, some great rockin' high notes. That tune is complete-outside scorching played by some men who play loud, but with a sonic fullness that will not sound like an assault on freight train or the ears attempting to run around you.

The Swift tune has none of that nuance - what is more is that the tune of Swift will not include any musical intensity at the amount of Led Zeppelin's, a fascinating occurrence that reveals loudness doesn't equivalent strength. Do not get me wrong - I love her sound profoundly and am a lover of Swift's. In fact the voice of Swift is incredibly filled with expression it is astonishing that her producers appear to have been capable somehow remove all emotion. Swift's producers have done this and what is her producers will not be the worst offenders. Good god someone has to make their tunes in this kind of manner as to allow the group's style come through, although I adore Imagine Dragons. That group has some real warmth which is buried under a mountain of producer studio effects that are catchy.

I have heard some new music recently that seems quite good and quite un-created in a pleasant kind of manner.

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